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Real Ice​

  • Real Ice can be installed on any solid level surface in 24-48 hours as long as the venue has ample power and clean water available (additional factors apply).
  • State-of-the-art portable ice systems make it possible to install and transport ice floors around the world, easily and efficiently.
  • As a rule, “star skaters” will only skate on real ice (and most professionals prefer real ice over synthetic ice), so if star talent is required, real ice is the only realistic option.​
  • Real ice equipment (the floor & AC chiller unit) has an indefinite life expectancy with proper upkeep & maintenance. The synthetic surface counterparts have 3-10 years of life expectancy (depending on use & other factors).
  • Real ice surfaces can be easily fitted with a parquet floor covering. Therefore, the ice stage can be utilized for different purposes (not just for ice shows).
  • Real ice can be expensive to buy\rent for budget limited productions.
  • Utility costs ( electricity & water) can be high and must be considered as a reoccurring fixed expense in the operating budget.
  • Licensed technicians are needed to work on the AC chiller units in case of problems.
  • ​A well trained ice technician is required

​​​Synthetic Ice​​​​​​​​​​

  • EZ Glide 350 synthetic ice skating surface Ice can be installed into almost any location imaginable. The only basic requirement is a flat & level surface area.
  • There are no special tools required for installation and maintenance. Also no electricity needed and very minimal water (for cleaning).
  • Installation time is 4-8 hours in most cases.
  • Ice\stage sizes are available and\or adjustable to in any size or shape.​​
  • EZ Glide 350 synthetic ice skating surface
  • Most audiences will not see the difference between real ice and synthetic ice. Well trained professional skaters can do everything on EZ Glide Ice that they can do on real ice.
  • Synthetic Ice is a far less expense for those considering an “ice” show.
  • Synthetic Ice does not last forever. Although the manufacturer will not offer a life expectancy, one can expect each side of the ice panels to last 3-8 years (depending on use, number of skaters, number of shows, etc).
  • “Star skaters” will not usually perform on synthetic Ice due to the difference in feel.
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