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Harness Jumper 

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Figure Skating

An incredibly useful tool for figure skating coaches. 


























Harness Jumper is suitable for training off-ice and on-ice jumps. Repetitive rotation training produces visible results and not only that, but is affordable. Aluminum base pole specified to your height for maximum comfort and leverage adjustable from 5 to 7.5 feet.  Black and white camouflage, black, and pink camouflage belts. Bungee system thicker for more bounce. 

Please e-mail for more information or visit our ebay page (harnessjumper) for your personal Harness Jumper system.


"Our Harness Jumper pole systems offer unique designs, quality, and affordability."

Customized Colored Belts!

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Screenshot 2020-01-14 at 10.41.21 PM.png
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NEW! Harness Jumper Home System

The Harness Jumper Home System is built for rotational off-ice practice that can be easily used with supervision by a parent or guardian. The belt fastens tightly with double adjust buckle and shoulder straps for maximum safety and durability. The belt is attached to the ceiling with suspension bolts that must be professionally installed on an interior support beam. Alpinist grade ropes, pulley's, swivels, and rotation bearings are used. Additionally, a frame wire is included for extra support. The Harness Jumper Home System can hold weight up to 200 pounds and the athletes weight can be lifted without much effort.
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